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FrontRunners Skills Residential Terms & Conditions

Thank you for filling in the application form for The skills residential. Please read below our Terms and conditions before submitting:

  1. I acknowledge that all the information that I have used within this form is correct. If I later realise that some of the submitted information is incorrect then I will call/text the admin team as soon as possible to notify them of the mistake (07415661092)
  2. I understand that submitting this form does not guarantee a place at the residential and that the Summer Camp team have the right to reject any applications if they find that misinformation is deliberate
  3. It is the responsibility of participants to ensure they attend the residential and if they cannot they alert the admin team via the email above
  4. Due to the booking of different activities and the venue the fees for the camp cannot be refunded  even if a participant does not attend the camp. Therefore please make sure that participants are certain they will be attending the residential to make use of the payment before registering
  5. In cases where a participant is harmed due to not following the advice/guidance/rules set in place by our staff or the staff of the venue, we and the venue staff cannot be held liable
  6. Participants must ensure they bring their needed medication and that they tell their group lead who will be known on the first day should they need time or space to attend to their condition
  7. Whilst you have paid for the residential it is important to note that travel to the camp must be paid by the participants unless transport is given by us which can only be done for those who will travel from the East London Mosque
  8. Any comments/queries must be sent to the number above and should you feel hesitant about submitting your application due to any issues then please wait for a reply before applying (completing application)
  9. I have selected the appropriate response for the participant’s publicity be it video/pictures and will take the stated steps in seeing the choice through

Please take a look at our privacy policy to see how we use your details 

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