The Muslimness Guide

The Muslimness Guide - a guide to the Muslim identity & Imān-driven activism.

What will I learn?
The introductory level of the Muslimness Guide covers the basic fundamentals required for any aspiring worker for Islam in today’s day and age. Each module is covered through the lens of personal development and Islamic revival. 
  • Module 1: Essential Premises
  • Module 2: The Foundations of the 5 Pillars  
  • Module 3: The Major Sins 
  • Module 4: Living Imān
  • Module 5: Provisions of the Believer 
Why should I attend?
The Muslimness Guide provides essential conceptual training for all members and supporters of the Muslim Youth Network. By completing the course, you can hope to achieve: 
  • Better clarity on the basic fundamentals of Islam.
  • A clearer vision for the role of Muslims and Islamic work in the UK.
  • Develop unity in purpose and direction with others committed to Islamic efforts.
  • Upon completion, progress to the next level of the Muslimness Guide.
  • A stronger understanding of the values and vision which drive the work of Muslim Youth Network. 
Course information:
  • Format: Interactive seminars delivered in-person. 
  • Frequency: Weekly on Sundays
  • First session: Sunday 14th November, 2021
  • Time: 5pm – 7pm
  • Venue: TBC
  • Course Duration: Level 1 is estimated to take 3 months, however may be subject to change depending on pace of learning.   
  • Costs: FREE!
Who should attend? 
This course is open only to members and supporters of Muslim Youth Network via invite. Ideally, you participate in or are involved with one of the projects of the Muslim Youth Network.  If you believe there is someone who can benefit from attending this course, first please seek permission to extend an invite from your unit in-charge for approval. 
What is expected from me?
  • Willingness to learn and engage with the content taught
  • Commitment to attend each session 

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