MYN Statement on A-Level 2020 Results

Muslim Youth Network: Department for Education should follow Scotland and return to using Centre Assessed Grades

Thousands of students this year who are from BAME and lower socioeconomic backgrounds were left completely distraught with their A-Level Results for this academic year. Many students have grievances on the methods of grade standardisation and how poorly the methods of appeal were explained. The Muslim Youth Network lends its voice in support of all students who have rightly highlighted the deficiencies in this system of grading. This further exacerbates the disparity between the socioeconomic classes, particularly impacting those who are from the more impoverished regions of the UK.

Niyaz Uddin, lead of MYN’s College Forum, has said:

“Dealing with students who have received unfair grades over the past couple of days, it has been really heartbreaking to see how a student’s socio-economic background has had such an effect on their grades as evidenced in our guide. Education does not discriminate, but once again the system has and I feel every student deserves better.”

The Muslim Youth Network would like to reiterate our firm support for students who have fallen victim to grading that is unjust, biased, and flawed. We are therefore strongly calling upon the Department for Education to do a U-turn on its policy as was done in Scotland and immediately return to using Centre Assessed Grades.

Young people deserve to be judged by merit of the work they put in, not by the postcode they live in.

The Muslim Youth Network has also released a guide which aims to highlight the issues with the ways results have been obtained in England and Northern Ireland as well as provide practical steps for students who are unhappy with their results.

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