Press Release

Press Release

Muslim Youth Network condemns the futile, yet insidious attempts by some media outlets looking to target active members of the Muslim community and masquerade their Islamophobia under the guise of “journalism”.

The most recent attack by Lee Harpin aimed at one of our Directors, Nayeem Haque, is only further evidence of a media climate insistent on demonising young Muslims looking to engage in any form of healthy political discourse, but dismissed from doing so by virtue of their perceived Muslimness.

MYN unreservedly supports Mr Haque against the baseless insinuations of those such as Mr Harpin looking to further their Islamophobic journalism through manufacturing hysteria and suspicion.

MYN supports the right of all young people, including Mr Haque, to express their opinion and engage in public debate without the need of ‘thought police’ who seek to silence those they disagree with.

Muslim Youth Network

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