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The Summer Camp Hardship Fund

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Thank you for accessing our Hardship fund application form. This form is for individuals or families who are currently in financial difficulty. We at Muslim Youth Network believe every young Muslim should not be hindered by financial means in order to learn more about the Deen and the reality around us. Therefore, we have created this hardship fund through which the camp price will be deducted either by a reasonable amount or entirely. Please read our terms and conditions below before proceeding with registration:

1. This hardship fund is only for those who are genuinely in financial difficulty. Therefore, we trust applicants to be truthful
2. The hardship fund allows individuals to attend the camp at a deducted price.
3. Parent/participant will be required to write a statement stating how they are facing financial difficulty and why the participant deserves funding in terms of their attitudes towards learning (please understand we are very strict on privacy and confidentiality and so you can be as detailed as possible as this will only be read by the relevant personel)
4. Registering for the hardship fund does not mean automatic approval for the fund. The statement given by participant/parent will be analysed and from this a decision will be made
5. Upon approval of the hardship fund a discount code will be sent to the user's email for them to use
6. Please understand that this camp is financially demanding on us as an organisation so should you be alleviated of your difficulty and it is feasible for you to pay for the camp please notify us so we can cancel the fund
7. If your application is successful, we will email you a coupon code which you can apply in the original application form

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