The Youth Scheme

Terms & Conditions

Thank you for filling in the application form. Please read below our Terms and conditions before submitting:

  1. I acknowledge that all the information that I have used within this form is correct. If I later realise that some of the submitted information is incorrect then I will email the admin team as soon as possible to notify them of the mistake ([email protected])
  2. I understand that submitting this form does not guarantee a place and that the team have the right to reject any applications if they find that misinformation is deliberate.
  3. The age and year group of the participant will determine their class group and this cannot be changed during the scheme
  4. It is the responsibility of both parent and child to ensure full attendance to all days of the scheme and on days that one cannot attend the admin team must be notified via the email above
  5. There will be no issuance of refunds for this scheme for any reason
  6. In cases where a child is harmed due to not following the advice/guidance/rules set in place by our staff, we cannot be held liable
  7. Participants and parents must ensure that a child brings their needed medication and that during registration on the first day that they notify either our head teacher or admin or their class teacher in-person
  8. Parents/Guardians must ensure that participants bring a healthy packed lunch to the scheme each day.
  9. Whilst participants/parents have paid for the scheme it is important to note that travel costs must be paid by the participants/parents such as oyster. We recommend a minimum £5 for the first day and thereafter we will notify students of any upcoming chnages to finance travel accordingly
  10. Any comments/queries must be emailed to the email above and should you feel hesitant about submitting your application due to any issues then please wait for a reply by email before applying (completing application)
  11. I have selected the appropriate response for the participant’s publicity be it video/pictures and will take the stated steps in seeing the choice through (see the Publicity section of our privacy policy for the steps to opt out). Our admin team will email you closer to the time with specific instructions on how your child can avoid being part of our promotional material

Please take a look at our privacy policy to see how we use your details 

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