The Youth Scheme

Terms & Conditions

As a parent/guardian, you are advised to read the following terms & conditions as part of the enrolment process of The Youth Scheme 2023.

  1. It is the responsibility of both parent and child to ensure full attendance to all days of the scheme and on days that one cannot attend the admin team must be notified via the email [email protected]
  2. Participants and parents will ensure their child will promptly arrive at the Maryam Center 3rd Floor Hall by 9:55am everyday.
  3. Parents must provide a healthy packed lunch every day of TYS for their child
  4. Participants and parents must ensure that a child brings their needed medication and that during registration on the first day that they notify either our head teacher or admin or their class teacher in-person
  5. To make sure your daughter dresses modestly during the duration the scheme as part of the uniform policy of the summer school (headscarves, a requirement of knee-length clothing, full sleeves, no makeup)
  6. To ensure trip letters are signed and returned to the class teachers before the deadline stated
  7. There will be no issuance of refunds for this scheme for any reason
  8. Whilst participants/parents have paid for the scheme it is important to note that travel costs must be paid by the participants/parents such as oyster. We recommend a minimum £5 for the first day and thereafter we will notify students of any upcoming chnages to finance travel accordingly
  9. To raise any queries with Admin via our email [email protected]
  10. To ensure that your child is responsible for all their belongings (TYS has a ‘no phone use’ policy)
  11. To agree to our sports waiver form attached here
  12. I agree to abide by all the T&C of TYS

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